Top 10 Iconic Wedding Venues in Venice: Make Your Big Day Unforgettable

Top Iconic Wedding Venues in Venice Make Your Big Day Unforgettable

Planning a wedding in Venice? You’re about to embark on an unforgettable journey! Venice is renowned for its romantic canals, historic architecture, and breathtaking views. 

Whether you’re dreaming of a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, Venice offers an array of stunning venues to make your special day truly magical. 

Here, we’ll explore the top 10 iconic wedding venues in Venice to help you choose the perfect spot for your wedding.

Common Questions and Concerns

When considering a wedding in Venice, couples often have a few key questions:

  • What are the most picturesque venues?
  • How can we make our wedding unique?
  • What’s the best time of year for a Venice wedding?
  • How do we handle the logistics of a destination wedding?
  • Let’s dive into these questions while exploring the top venues.

Palazzo Cavalli


Palazzo Cavalli is a historic palace located right on the Grand Canal, offering stunning views of the Rialto Bridge. 

This venue is perfect for couples wanting a grand, traditional wedding.

Unique Features:

 Imagine arriving by gondola and saying your vows with the canal as your backdrop. The palace’s ornate interiors and grand staircase add to its charm, providing a regal atmosphere for your ceremony.

Personal Story:

One couple, Maria and Luca, shared that their wedding at Palazzo Cavalli felt like a fairytale. Arriving by gondola, they were greeted by their guests on the steps of the palace. 

The photos with the Rialto Bridge in the background were absolutely stunning and became cherished memories for them.


  • Book Early: Due to its popularity, it’s advisable to book Palazzo Cavalli well in advance.
  • Consider a Winter Wedding: If you’re flexible with dates, a winter wedding can offer a more intimate experience with fewer tourists around.

Hotel Danieli


For those seeking luxury, Hotel Danieli is the epitome of opulence. 

Located near St. Mark’s Square, this hotel boasts magnificent interiors and a rooftop terrace with panoramic views.

Unique Features: 

The hotel’s historic charm, combined with its modern amenities, makes it a prime choice for lavish weddings. 

The rooftop terrace is perfect for a romantic ceremony or reception, offering stunning views of Venice.

Personal Story:

 Jessica and Tom celebrated their wedding at Hotel Danieli and described it as the ultimate Venetian experience. 

They held their ceremony on the rooftop terrace at sunset, followed by dinner in the grand ballroom. Their guests were treated to a once-in-a-lifetime experience, combining luxury and tradition.


  • Venue Coordination: Work closely with the hotel’s wedding planner to ensure all details are covered.
  • Photography: Take advantage of the stunning views and historic interiors for your wedding photos.

Scuola Grande di San Rocco


If you’re looking for a venue with historical significance and artistic flair, the Scuola Grande di San Rocco is ideal. 

Adorned with masterpieces by Tintoretto, this venue offers a unique blend of art and history, making your wedding truly special.

Unique Features: 

The halls of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco are filled with stunning frescoes and paintings, providing a majestic backdrop for your ceremony. 

This venue is perfect for art lovers and those looking for a sophisticated setting.

Personal Story: 

Emily and Marco, both art enthusiasts, choose Scuola Grande di San Rocco for its artistic ambiance. 

Their ceremony was held in the grand hall, surrounded by Tintoretto’s masterpieces. Guests were given a guided tour of the art, making it an enriching and memorable experience.


  • Art Tours: Consider organizing a guided tour of the art for your guests.
  • Lighting: Utilize professional lighting to enhance the beauty of the frescoes in your wedding photos.

Belmond Hotel Cipriani


This hotel, located on Giudecca Island, provides a more private setting while still offering incredible views of Venice. 

The lush gardens and luxurious interiors make it a popular choice for couples who want a blend of elegance and seclusion.

Unique Features: 

The Belmond Hotel Cipriani is renowned for its stunning gardens and beautiful views of the lagoon. It offers a tranquil escape from the bustle of Venice, making it perfect for a serene wedding.

Personal Story

Sarah and James chose Belmond Hotel Cipriani for its secluded location and lush gardens. They exchanged vows in the garden, followed by a reception by the pool overlooking the lagoon. The intimate setting allowed them to relax and enjoy their special day with close family and friends.


  • Private Events: The hotel offers exclusive use of its facilities for weddings, ensuring privacy.
  • Garden Ceremonies: Take advantage of the beautiful gardens for an outdoor ceremony.
Wedding Venues in Venice Make Your Big Day Unforgettable

Ca’ Sagredo Hotel


Housed in a 15th-century palace, Ca’ Sagredo Hotel combines history with luxury. The grand staircase and frescoed rooms provide a stunning setting for your ceremony and reception.

Unique Features: 

This hotel is a work of art in itself, with opulent interiors and a rich history. The grand staircase is a highlight, offering a dramatic entrance for the bride.

Personal Story:

 Isabelle and Roberto’s wedding at Ca’ Sagredo Hotel was nothing short of magical. They descended the grand staircase to the applause of their guests, creating a moment straight out of a movie. The reception was held in the ballroom, adorned with frescoes and chandeliers, adding to the grandeur of the evening.


  • Dramatic Entrances: Use the grand staircase for a memorable bridal entrance.
  • Historical Tours: Incorporate a tour of the palace’s art and history for your guests.

Aman Venice


For a more exclusive experience, Aman Venice offers a peaceful retreat right on the Grand Canal. This 16th-century palazzo provides a sophisticated backdrop for a truly unique wedding.

Unique Features: 

Aman Venice combines the luxury of a modern hotel with the charm of a historic palazzo. Its serene atmosphere and beautiful interiors make it an ideal choice for an elegant and intimate wedding.

Personal Story: 

Anna and David wanted a quiet, elegant wedding and found Aman Venice to be the perfect venue. Their ceremony was held in a private garden, followed by an intimate dinner in the dining room overlooking the canal. The calm and luxurious setting made their day truly special.


  • Exclusive Use: Consider booking the entire hotel for complete privacy.
  • Canal Views: Make sure to incorporate the stunning canal views into your ceremony and photos.

San Giorgio Maggiore


This island church is perfect for couples looking for a religious ceremony in a breathtaking setting. The view from the bell tower is one of the best in Venice, offering perfect photo opportunities.

Unique Features: 

San Giorgio Maggiore offers a serene and spiritual atmosphere, with beautiful views of Venice from its bell tower. The church’s architecture and location make it a standout choice for a religious wedding.

Personal Story: 

Laura and Federico chose San Giorgio Maggiore for their traditional Catholic wedding. The ceremony was beautiful, and they took breathtaking photos from the bell tower. Their guests enjoyed the boat ride to the island, adding to the uniqueness of the day.


  • Bell Tower Photos: Schedule time for photos in the bell tower to capture the panoramic views.
  • Boat Transport: Arrange for boat transportation for your guests to make the journey part of the experience.

The Gritti Palace


The Gritti Palace combines Venetian style with contemporary luxury. Its location on the Grand Canal makes it an excellent choice for a glamorous wedding with a view.

Unique Features: 

This iconic hotel offers luxurious interiors and a prime location on the Grand Canal. The terrace provides an exceptional spot for a ceremony or reception with a view.

Personal Story: 

Olivia and Martin’s wedding at The Gritti Palace was a glamorous affair. They held their ceremony on the terrace, with the Grand Canal and Santa Maria della Salute as their backdrop. The combination of historic charm and modern luxury made their wedding unforgettable.


  • Terrace Events: Utilize the terrace for a stunning ceremony or reception location.
  • Historic Charm: Incorporate the hotel’s history and charm into your wedding theme.

Ca’ Rezzonico


This museum, located in a baroque palace, offers a unique and cultural setting for your wedding. The grand halls and beautiful gardens are perfect for both the ceremony and the reception.

Unique Features: 

Ca’ Rezzonico is a museum of 18th-century Venice, providing a cultural and historical backdrop for your wedding. The grand halls, adorned with art and antiques, add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Personal Story: 

Sofia and Antonio, both history buffs, chose Ca’ Rezzonico for its cultural significance. Their ceremony was held in the grand hall, and guests enjoyed exploring the museum’s exhibits. The evening ended with a reception in the garden, surrounded by the beauty of Venetian art and history.


  • Cultural Touches: Incorporate elements of Venetian history and culture into your wedding theme.
  • Museum Tours: Offer your guests a private tour of the museum as part of the celebration.


Planning a wedding in Venice is a dream come true for many couples, and with good reason. 

The city’s timeless beauty, rich history, and romantic ambiance create the perfect backdrop for a truly unforgettable celebration of love. 

As you’ve explored the top 10 iconic wedding venues in Venice, you’ve likely been inspired by the grandeur of palaces, the charm of historic churches, and the luxury of world-class hotels.

From exchanging vows on a gondola gliding through the canals to saying “I do” in a centuries-old palazzo surrounded by art and history, each venue offers its own unique blend of elegance and charm.

Whether you envision a lavish affair or an intimate gathering, Venice has something to offer every couple seeking to make their big day truly special.

As you embark on this journey to plan your wedding in Venice, remember to infuse your own personal touches and unique style into every aspect of the celebration. 

Whether it’s incorporating local traditions, adding personal touches to the décor, or selecting meaningful music for your ceremony, these small details will make your wedding truly memorable.

We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights and inspiration as you plan your dream wedding in Venice. 

Remember to cherish every moment of this magical experience, from the excitement of choosing the perfect venue to the joy of saying “I do” surrounded by your loved ones. 

Your wedding day in Venice is sure to be an unforgettable chapter in your love story, filled with romance, beauty, and cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Cheers to the beginning of your happily ever after!


What are some iconic wedding venues in Venice?

Aman Venice, Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, San Clemente Palace Kempinski, Hotel Bauer Palazzo, and Baglioni Hotel are among the top choices for couples looking for enchanting wedding venues in Venice.

What makes Aman Venice a popular wedding venue?

Aman Venice is renowned for its luxurious seven-star setting on the Grand Canal, offering couples the opportunity to exchange vows in the Canal Garden or the ballroom overlooking the Grand Canal, providing a truly splendid backdrop for a wedding ceremony and reception.

Why is Ca’ Sagredo Hotel a unique wedding venue in Venice?

Ca’ Sagredo Hotel stands out for its prince-like ambiance, surrounded by enchanting frescoes and breathtaking architecture, making it a perfect choice for couples seeking a romantic and elegant setting for their wedding celebration.

What sets San Clemente Palace Kempinski apart as a wedding venue?

San Clemente Palace Kempinski offers a superb venue on an island in Venice, providing breathtaking views of the lagoon and St. Mark’s square as a backdrop, making it a picturesque and unique location for both wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Why is Hotel Bauer Palazzo a recommended wedding venue in Venice?

Hotel Bauer Palazzo is favored for its beautiful terrace facing the Grand Canal, offering a blend of tradition, elegance, and originality, making it an ideal choice for couples looking for a sophisticated and memorable wedding venue in Venice.

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