Verona – Wedding Hall 1 – Arazzi Hall

The Sala Arazzi (Tapestry Room), located on the main floor of Palazzo Barbieri

Verona – Wedding Hall 2 – Giulietta’s House

The legend of this house and its famous balcony arose from the first dialog in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”

Verona – Wedding Hall 3 – Guarienti Hall

The Guarienti Hall (Sala Guarienti) is located in the cloister of the former monastery of the Friars Minor

Padua – Wedding Hall 1

Just in front of the University of the Bo is located palace Moroni, the Town hall of Padua

Treviso – Villa 1

Built in the second half of the 16th century, the villa is a beautiful and untouched example of renaissance architectural balance

Treviso – Villa 2

Built in the 15th century, the villa rappresents an excellent example of Renaissance architecture

Padova – Villa 1

Originally a hunting lodge built in 1568, this was the brainchild of Dario Varotari

Padova – Villa 2

The villa was projected by the architect Vincenzo Scamozzi

Padova – Villa 3

The ancient historic residence is a veritable corner of paradise offering the opportunity for agritourism

Verona – Villa 1

Located in Valpolicella area, the luxury farmhouse is the ideal location for wedding reception

Verona – Villa 2

The Villa which was built in the Valpantena valley following

Verona – Villa 4

The first document of the Villa dates back to January 3rd, 1255

Verona – Villa 5

The villa dates back the XVI. Beautiful garden where to have wedding reception

Verona – Villa 6

A sixteenth-century Venetian Villa, between sweet, rolling hills and the vineyards of Valpolicella lies

Brenta River – Villa 1

The Villa was built in the late 1500s, a project of Vincenzo Scamozzi following the design of Andrea Palladio

Brenta River – Villa 2

The Villa belongs to the rich artistic treasures collectively known as the Villas of the Veneto region

Brenta River – Villa 3

The complex consists of the main mansion with garden and the contiguous court, the country house

Cortina Town Hall

Sports or adventurous , romantic or traditional, panoramic or suggestive weddings…absolutely unique and romantic

Verona – Wedding Hall 4 – Notary’s Chapel

The Notary’s Chapel is the most prestigious room in the “Palazzo della Ragione”, the old City Town Hall

Venice – Civil Ceremonies

Civil Ceremony takes place in Venice at Cavalli Palace, Cà Farsetti, Cà Vendramin Calergi

Padua – Wedding Hall 2

This building was built in Lombardesque style starting in 1496, to accommodate the Maggior Consiglio di Padova

Venice Reception 1

A magnificent atrium, a golden staircase, a palace in Venetian Gothic style, the spell of magical, enchanting Venice

Venice Reception 2

The Palace is housed in the former convent of Palazzo Genovese

Venice Reception 3

The 14th century Palazzo has been declared a National Monument and still preserves the untouched beauty of an ancient noble residence.

Venice Reception 4

In Venice, an ancient residence of Ambassador Costantino evokes the glorious past of the Serenissima

Venice Reception 5

An architectural landmark on the Grand Canal just steps from St. Mark’s Square

Venice Reception 6

Venice’s newest landmark is a modern classic that goes beyond the classical

Venice Reception 7

The Hotel is located on a private island and in the centre of the Venetian lagoon

Venice Palace 1

The Palace constitutes an interesting repertoire of art from the 14th to the 18th century…

Venice Palace 2

Since the 1500s, this splendid historic residence of the famous house of Priuli has welcomed Venetian patricians

Venice Palace 3

The palace was built in the middle of the 16th century

Venice Palace 4

The Palace was built in the 17th century

Venice Palace 5

The Palace was built in the 15th century

Venice Palace 6

The Building Complex is the result of a centennial series of architectural and decorative interventions

Venice Palace 7

The palace was erected in XVI century by Giacomo dei Grigi

Roman Catholic 1

Was built in the 16th century by Andrea Palladio and it is in the Renaissance style

Roman Catholic 2

It was built between 1481 and 1489 on a project by Pietro Lombardo with the aim of giving

Roman Catholic 3

Between the 1575 and the 1577 plague killed almost fifthy thousands people in Venice

Roman Catholic 4

The church built by Dominican friars between the XIII and the XV century and and consecrated in the 1430

Roman Catholic 5

Was founded in the beginning of eight century by the bishop of Oderzo: San Magno.

Roman Catholic 6

Tradition says that the construction of this church has been due to an apparition of Our Lady as a shapely (formosa in italian)

Anglican Church

It is 400 years since Sir Henry Wotton’s embassy from King James I to the Most Serene Republic brought the first Anglican Chaplain


You may choose from any of the five synagogues all located in Ghetto, the jewish quarter

Orthodox Church

The Cathedral of St.George was built with the contributions of the Greek Orthodox