Welcome in the atelier of the Wedding in Venice, transforming ordinary into extraordinary… since 2001

Step One: First Consultation

We meet you in person, via telephone and via e-mail to discuss about the kind of wedding you have thought about. Through our first knowledge, we design a first wedding plan according to your wedding concept.

Step Two: Wedding Concept Selection

The wedding concept plan is refined according to your needs, wishes and ideas.

Step Three: Vendor Selection

Now we have your wedding concept, it’s time to select the right vendors for you.

Step Four: Wedding concept

It time to sit back and relax. OVW takes care about everything.

Associations of beneficence

Original Venice Weddings is a wedding planning company specialized in a happy event of the life. We think also at the associations of beneficence helping people to live in a better way. Don’t hesitate to speak about them with other persons.


Marriage proposal

Are you ready to propose marriage to your girlfriend and you don’t know when, where, and how?
We help you to choose the ring, the location where to do it, how to make it and how to remember it. No hesitation for the moment your girlfriend says yes!
We have a lot of ideas to suggest you and to enjoy with her.
How to start? Get in touch immediately with us.

events in Venice

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